Why Us? & History

isthatso is an art based t-shirt and graphic apparel range, featuring the creative talents of New Zealand artists.

True to our name, our designs are arty, quirky, styley ( is this a word?) and sometimes a little silly.  

We make a very high-quality product, that fits well, and lasts the distance. No-one regretted buying quality.

  • Exclusive designs.
  • Hand screen-printed.
  • Desirable cut/style.
  • Good value.
  • Big range of sizes.

Originally established in 2004, we sell our range through up-market menswear stores, woman’s fashion boutiques, surf / street wear stores, throughout New Zealand.

This website is fairly new (January 2021). In the past, we sold entirely through our retail stockists. We still support our local retailers, but now our friends around the World have the opportunity to enjoy some great tee-shirt art.

The T-Team

Michael Silvey
Owner, Michael Silvey is the guy behind the screen-printing squeegee, has a background in graphic design, and has spent most of his working life in the apparel trade. Michael directs a talented group of artists, including ...
Phil Dron
Phil Dron is a talented animator and illustrator who has worked for gaming companies and animation studios. Phil’s work features heavily in our range of designs. The James Bond spoofs, Rock Diva’s, Trike to Bike, Icons, Moneypenny, Robots and Kombi, just to name a few.
Genevieve Chunn
Genevieve Chunn, began working on designs for isthatso back in 2004 when she was still an art student at Elam Art School, Auckland University. Genevieve now works full-time as a creative director at TVNZ, and is a Mum. Where does she find any spare time? Factory Butterflies, Tui and Black Roses are examples of her work.
Tracey Williams
Tracey Williams, is based in Auckland, New Zealand. She has exhibited her work nationally and taught in the Fine Arts Department at Auckland University. 
Richard Stow
Richard Stow is an exceptional illustrator, with a quirky hand-drawn style. While not technically a New Zealander, Richard completed a number of designs for isthatso while living in Wellington. I think that counts… He is now based in London. Kingswood’s and 70's 80's are his drawings. (In case you were wondering, the Kingswood was manufactured in Australia by Holden. It’s an iconic Aussie/Kiwi thing, and there’s still a few on the roads.)
Mukpuddy animation studio
Ryan Cooper, Tim Evans, and Alex Leighton are three friends who started Mukpuddy animation studio. They were a small operation when they completed their first designs for isthatso, but have grown into a very successful studio. Well done boys!
Jarman Smith
Jarman Smith, has a graphic design background, and is a successful  web developer these days, with his own studio, Byte Media. He has Ngati Kahungunu iwi (tribe) bloodlines and has contributed most of the Maori art in the range. Maori Icons and Rafter Panel were completed by Jarman.
Jo Tronc
Jo Tronc is a Senior illustrator at Watermark Creative, and is known for her fun and playful illustrations. We commissioned Jo to do “The Zero Years” for us.
Joseph Qiu
Joseph Qiu has a fantastic talent for character illustration; his work is very lifelike while retaining an illustrated feel. Joseph created RockStars 2 for us, and works as an illustrator for Watermark Creative in Auckland.
Guy Bellaby
Guy Bellaby created Wharf Jumping for us, a popular Summer past- time in New Zealand. The person jumping off this local Devonport wharf in this photo sequence is Guy himself.